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Important News & Announcements

BurkeKnight Enterprises is pleased to announce our new BurkeKnight-Enterprises GitHub Repository Site!

BurkeKnight Enterprises is pleased to announce the re-opening of WebMaster's Haven!

We mourn the loss of one of SMF's greatest: metallica48423

BurkeKnight Enterprises has ended our time of SMF mod and theme making.

BurkeKnight Enterprises is pleased to announce our own Android Apps!

BK Templates has moved to a new domain: http://www.bktemplates.org

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About BurkeKnight Enterprises

BurkeKnight Enterprises is our main website, and also is the hub for all the rest of our sites. It has gone through a lot of changes, in the 7 years it has been going. The site had originally started out as Burke’s Realm, an informational website for the classical MMORPG, The Realm Online, by Norseman Games. However, we have expanded into other areas, so the name of the main site was changed to BurkeKnight Enterprises. We offer free web hosting, free web site templates, images and more.

We do all this, without making any money. We started the site with nothing, not even a decent URL for the site. Since then, we have accumulated several domain names, most of which were donated by friends that wanted to see BurkeKnight Enterprises grow. Who are we to disappoint them?

Lately, we have returned to our roots, and got back into working with ProBoards Forums. They are by far, the best free hosted forum on the net, as well as the most powerful in the admin panel, in terms of design, especially. We have made a couple of plugins and a theme for ProBoards, that can be found via their Libraries. We hope to make more of both, as well as get a team together to help us get the new BKE back to where it should be. Fully crewed and active.

♞ Burke Knight ♞

Owner - Webmaster - Founder - Administrator

"Hello, I'm Burke Knight. I'm the Founder and main Webmaster of BurkeKnight Enterprises. I started my site over 7 years ago, starting with ProBoards forums, and moving to regular websites and SMF forums, where I made several mods and themes. I am happy doing what I can, to help people, and use my creativity, to make something unique. That is what I enjoy doing, trying to make a difference. I also can be found in the game: Clash of Clans. If you need a good clan to join, I'm the leader of Byet Training 1 and a co-leader of the Byet Main clan.

I have a few disabilities, that a lot of people know about, and some do not. Physically, I'm 38 years old, but thanks to mental issues, including learning disabilities, I'm mentally and emotionally equal to about a 6-10 year old. (Mentally does not mean intelligence. Although, thanks to the learning disabilities, that is also low, in a lot of areas. Some areas, however, I am good in, but not usually up to where I should be, and wish I was.) I do what I can, to do work, but as a lot know, I rely heavily on the help of others, to get done what I can't on my own. This often includes site work, and coding, as Ninja would agree to, as he's one I turn to a lot."

Get to know ♞ Burke Knight ♞

♦ Ninja ZX-10RR ♦

Co-Owner - Webmaster - Co-Administrator

"Hi all I'm ♦ Ninja ZX-10RR ♦, a formerly strong SMF supporter at their official site. Due to issues (the same the admin experienced a little after me) I left the site and I'm now refraining from posting there. I am still on an Italian SMF forum and I still run my own site with the SMF software: Virtual Interactive Games Entertainment Official Forum there are too many modifications and things I need so I won't change that.

    I am currently using BurkeKnight's webhost which is super-awesome, if you want more information about it you will find them here: Avalon Professional Web Hosting Services.

    Now that the boring stuff is done... I'm just a somewhat normal Italian guy who downloaded and installed the smf software about 8 months ago and actually it was my colleague who installed it the first time... After that I started to learn a lot of stuff with it, became a strong supporter, installed a TON of mods, I got rewarded for helping there and then banned for the same reason (rofl) *that logic*, that's also why I quit even if the ban will expire very soon. I'm friendly to people being friendly and polite, in other words... The way you treat me will be the way I treat you ;)

    Have a nice day all of you!"

Get to know ♦ Ninja ZX-10RR ♦

⛪ W1ZLY ⚓

Web Site Tester - Site Analyst

"Hello, I am W1ZLY which is my Amateur Radio Call Sign. I work with Burke by testing the sites he builds. Having a site tester is very important, for more than just the extra set of eyes. Sometimes computers do not like to clear their cache, making it hard for developers to see what they do. An extra tester helps fix that."

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