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    Welcome to BurkeKnight Enterprises. This site shows the projects done by BurkeKnight Enterprises. We have AndroidTM apps, addons and themes for ElkArte Forums, website templates, and more! We welcome you to look around at all we offer, and please be sure to let us know about anything that may be amiss. Also, be sure to register at our support site and our community forum, where you will find support and discussions about everything we have on this site.

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About BurkeKnight Enterprises

    BurkeKnight Enterprises is our main website, and also is the hub for all the rest of our sites. It has gone through a lot of changes, in the 7 years it has been going. The site had originally started out as Burke's Realm, an informational website for the classical MMORPG, The Realm Online, by Norseman Games. However, we have expanded into other areas, so the name of the main site was changed to BurkeKnight Enterprises. We offer free web hosting, free web site templates, images and more.

    We do all this, without making any money. We started the site with nothing, not even a decent URL for the site. Since then, we have accumulated several domain names, most of which were donated by friends that wanted to see BurkeKnight Enterprises grow. Who are we to disappoint them?

    Lately, we have worked on ElkArte Forums. They are by far, the best free forum on the net, as well as the most powerful in the admin panel, in terms of design, especially. We have made a couple of addons and a theme for ElkArte. We have also expanded into the AndroidTM world, making a few apps and games. We hope to make more of both, as well as get a team together to help us get the new BKE back to where it should be. Fully crewed and active.

Meet The Team

Burke Knight


Ninja ZX-10RR



Web Site Tester
Site Analyst

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